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(I don't know how to collect data on this, but I'm sure it can be done. I'm also not sure what metrics to use, but eh.)

I would like to see data on how interconnected Dreamwidth users are (by subscription, access, or both), especially if it could be compared to LiveJournal. I expect that Dreamwidth is more tightly interconnected than LJ, for a number of different reasons:

1. All free accounts were created by invites, and probably a large number of the now-paid accounts were too.
2. The separation of Access and Subscription has made me a lot more ready to subscribe to others, and I'm not the only one.
3. This place is very fannish. A lot of fandom came over en masse; I don't know that any other communities did, therefore there are probably not many large-yet-separate groups on the site.

Any ideas on how to collect this information? Any thoughts on the worth of the exercise?
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Dreamwidth has been in open beta for about a week now! This post is for discussing any aspects of open beta you'd like to note: what was your experience?

Some technical and other details )
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Open Beta is...dundundun...tomorrow!

Here is your post to speculate on what's going to happen. Do you think seed accounts are going to sell fast or slow? What kind of drama is going to erupt when the flood gates are open? Are you expecting to drag people over now that the gates are open more, or are people you know banging to get in?
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Some time in the future, Dreamwidth is planning to offer a killfile. The specs say that two levels of killfile are planned. The first will collapse posts and comments by the user who has been killfiled. The second will remove all traces of the killfiled user from your view (with the exception of access lists on profiles, and comm membership lists).

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 130

Would you use the killfile described above?

View Answers

Yes, I would use it
66 (50.8%)

No, I would not use it
17 (13.1%)

Not sure/don't know
47 (36.2%)

To borrow [personal profile] foxfirefey's question, what effects do you think killfiles (if put into practice as described above) would have on Dreamwidth and the way people use it?
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The following polls are all about changes in technical features from LJ to Dreamwidth, divided by those available at open beta and those planned for later. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account feel free to sign in with a validated OpenID account and vote!

Because features carry pros and cons and not everyone likes them, each poll question rates them on a sliding scale: -5 means you absolutely detest the feature, -1 means you kind of dislike it, +1 means you kind of like it, zero means you're neutral, and +5 means you absolutely love it. (And, of course, there are in between options too.) If you don't know about a specific feature enough to vote on it, feel free to ask. Remember, you can change your mind on questions--edit your open beta feature answers or edit your planned feature answers!

Spread this around all you like! You can vote in it no matter what you feel about Dreamwidth.

Dreamwidth Open Beta Features )

Dreamwidth Planned Features )
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LiveJournal has never allowed any real web analytics to be added to personal journals, although sponsored communities were able to get them. Sure, you could add stat counters or web bugs from LJ Toys. But I'm unaware of any way on LiveJournal to get the referral URL of people who were linking to your post, save for the recently implemented and entirely optional pingbacks.

Dreamwidth, however, is going to give paid users Google Analytics as a feature. This means that paid users will be able to know who in DW is linking to them, leading to some interesting changes from the way things used to be. I think this has the potential to surprise and upset people.

For instance, let's say you link to someone's post in a friends only post in your journal or use <user name="user"> to link to their journal in a locked post. Some of your access given subscribers click on that link, and if the user you linked to is paid and using Google Analytics, they'll know you were talking about them in a post they don't have access to, and if you linked to a specific post, they'll know which post you're talking about. Stealth talking about people has become that much harder and unreliable.

There's a limited ability to avoid this. URLs are automatically turned into links; you can do formatting to make it unlinked, so people have to copy and paste, but some people have browser extensions that will autolink anything that looks close to a URL, so you can't always depend on that. You'll have to go above and beyond to obfuscate the link to make sure that doesn't happen and not use user tags to link to someone--but if you don't do that, someone is bound to make a Greasemonkey script that could go to a highlighted name, and they'll still get the referral. Edit: [personal profile] charmian and [personal profile] kaki point out that URL obfuscators might get used more, like TinyURL and I agree with this! However, there are even browse add ons that resolve those services to their actual URLs, so even that is not a failsafe.

What effects do you think this is going to have on social interactions on Dreamwidth? What other effects will Google Analytics have on users?


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