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So, remember back when LJ was a bigger thing in the US? Xanga was also a pretty big thing back then, but it's fallen on hard times. They're now attempting to crowd fund the costs to convert to a WordPress multiuser site--and in this new system, ONLY paid accounts will get to have blogs, and there will be no ads. If it doesn't succeed, then it will shut down July 15th.
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Posterous was ninja sold to Twitter early in 2012. That started the countdown to when (not really if) it would be shut down. That day has come: Posterous will turn off on April 30. This quiet ending stands in contrast headier days when Posterous had an import campaign for "dying" platforms...such as Tumblr--but now Tumblr's still around and Posterous is going away. (Of course, Tumblr still needs to figure out how to make money, too.)

The news had the original founders scrambling to finish getting their next project ready--a replacement called Posthaven that pledges to stick around forever. Of course, in order to do so, it's a paid only service.


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